Wedding Nail Art – Step-by-step guide by Maria Sirokai

Wedding nail inspiratios for the perfect wedding look. Here you will find the best nail idea for your wedding day.

Who is Maria Sirokai?
When I started to be involved with the decoration of nails, I decided to shape my own style, which can be worn, yet it is still good-looking, glittering and spectacular! I incorporate everything, which is fragile, can be cut and bent. This idea came from my passion for glittering stones, so that such special series of shots will be created using magnificent faces, through which it can be demonstrated how important the overall impression, the harmony are! ’Soul is reflected in the eyes, thus everything for the eye!’ – reads not for nothing. I always look into the eyes of the client, what the eyes suggest.

After the experience of many years I managed to find the harmony, as there are no two persons who are the same, have the same eyes or the same hands! Building nails, the decoration is not simply a joyous task for me, but the love itself! I’m lucky as I do what I love and I pass the knowledge to my students as well! You can only be successful in your profession, if this comes from your heart!

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