Wedding Day Preparations | Hair, Skins, Nails, Body | Devon Windsor

Hello all!
I cannot believe I am only two weeks out from my wedding day! I have been so busy planning for months, that I honestly have not had much time for myself! I have been getting so many questions about my beauty regimen, and how I am prepping for the day that you are supposed to feel your most beautiful on! I booked basically all my appointments back to back in New York and now I am feeling fully ready to be a bride! I hope you enjoy this vlog, which follows me to my facial, body treatments, hair appointments and workout! Let me know if you have any questions for me!

Where did I go?
Facial/Body Treatments- Dr. Colberts office at the New York Dermatology Group
Hair- Suite Carolines
Workout- Nofar Movement
Infrared Sauna/Lymphatic Massage- IMD Beauty Spa
Lashes- Mai Lash Bar

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