Few things about this demo:

It is wedding season folks, and our very own Tracey is getting married…. To the idea of never getting married!…. because she is already married!….. to the idea that work is her husband, and she is faithful, and loving, and will be there for sick or poor…. For YOUNG NAILS!…. maybe not for poor because that would mean her husband, which is Young Nails is broke… which ultimately would mean that she has not job, so now she’s got not job, and it’s Friday and she AINT GOT SH*T TO DO! Her wedding nails are just spectacular and we are over the moon about them… Greg, you did some good good today. You deserve a ring… which is good bro because if you want me to be your business marriage, well, you know what they say… if you like it then you gotta put a ring on it! Oh oh oh… oh oh oh oh !

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Products Used:
Protein Bond
Cover Pink Acrylic Powder
Speed White Acrylic Powder
Mission Control “Fizz” Gel Paint
Mani•Q 106 Pink 106
Mani•Q Matte Top Coat
Ultimate Finish Gel

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