Cutest Wedding Nails | Bride and Groom Nail Art Design ever!

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Here is a nail art design for Wedding Nails that most anyone can paint! So easy, amazing and greatest design ever for someone who wants to have bride and groom nails. This can go for the maid of honor nails too. This also would be perfect for mother of the bride only withouot the white nails, but her color as well. With practice this is an Easy Bride and Groom Nail Art Design Tutorial you can take to your nail tech or try at your bridesmaid party and have a great time painting. It is so inexpensive it wont break your bridal budget either. Please share your story if you try them and join me. share my work and get inexpensive and amazing nail art out to the artists who want to learn most to further their career in nail art and have fun doing it!

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