When she loved me – Miraculous Ladybug Animatic

Hey guys!!

So season 2 ended with the BEST FINALE !! The Agreste plot got really better and we got to see the true power of the peacock miraculous (and how dangerous is it to use it)

So in celebration of the second season (and the new toy story movie!) I made an Agreste animatic! This animatic is showing the history of the couple and emilie’s death from Gabriel’s POV (not canon tho).
Feel free to see this animatic as a sequel animatic to ‘It’s over isn’t it’ but from another POV. ((Now the only one missing is Emilie skbfkdka)))

Thank you for watching this animatic! I hope I’ll make some of you like Gabriel a little more.
((frames from the animatic can be found @ tumblr / miraculous ladybug amino!))

Again, thank you for supporting my channel and videos, It makes me really happy!

the song “when she loved me” is from toy story 2, by randy newman, preformed ̶ by sarah mclachlab.
characters are from miraculous ladybug (ZAG cartoons)