See how ‘Wicked Mugs’ are made

Donald Langschultz was ecstatic when he proposed to his girlfriend, Caitlin Hemway, and she said, “yes.”
But once the initial excitement died down, reality set it: How would they pay for the wedding?
With Langschultz already working two jobs, the Rossville resident needed to find a way to earn extra cash.
After seeing how his fiancee’s business, Caitlin’s Custom Creations, which offers an array of personalized items, took off, he wanted to find a niche of his own to help save for their destination wedding in Jamaica next year.
“My fiancee has been customizing items for a while, and my family are big coffee drinkers,” said Langschultz, 25. “Many people run on coffee throughout the day. And when you go out to buy a tumbler or mug in a store, you usually can’t customize it. I wanted to give people that option.”
With that in mind, he launched Wicked Mugs in August.