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This DIY project makes a PERFECT Christmas gift. And it’s so cheap! The most expensive item to make these mugs are the sharpie markers. So that’s pretty cool! The decal paper is $2-3 for 3 sheets. You can find this at most craft stores. I bought mine at Craft 2000. So make sure you run test prints before you print on them. There are so many designs you can do for the sharpie mugs, and if you google “diy sharpie mug” you can find a TON of photos to inspire your creativity!

I used the FREE program called GIMP to make my photo collage mug. You can download it here:

I hope you had fun with this DIY project! If you make one, please share your creations with me on twitter, instagram, vine, or facebook!

I did not realize while making this video that Mod Podge and the sharpies will wash off… even after baking the sharpie mug. So I’ve done some research and found that Enamel paint (particularly the Folk Art brand) is the best way to do DIY mug decorating. I’d assume that if you can get a clear enamel paint, you can layer that on top of the decal that it will work well to seal it in. You still would need to bake it about 30 minutes (at 350 degrees).

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