Glitter a Tumbler: From Glitter to Epoxy

This video goes over the entire process I use for creating a glittered tumbler. This tumbler was made for a customer per their request and specifications, including the saying that was on it.

Please note: Since this video was done almost 2 years ago, I have changed my process to improve the quality of my cups. I now prep my cups prior to starting and also usually use a base coat and apply my glitter with epoxy as the adhesive.

Here is a video on cup prep and pulling tape:

Here are videos on applying glitter with the epoxy as the adhesive:
Chunky on Bottom:
Glitter IN epoxy method:

I have a facebook page where I feature my tumblers:

Facebook group for my customers to order as well as for them to see sneak peaks and behind the scenes:

Facebook group that I help admin for Tumbler Tutorials and more! Come join the group for lots of amazing information that we’ve gathered and provided for your use as well as a great group to share your creations and ask questions.

I show the following steps in this order:
1. Two layers of mod podge/glitter
I wait about an hour between coats.
2. Mixing epoxy (I use 15ml per part, per cup)
3. Apply epoxy
4. Use embossing Gun to pop bubbles
I wait about 12 hours between the first coat of epoxy before I decal and apply the final coat of epoxy.

What supplies do I use? I will list them below. I am not affiliated with any of these companies, but they are what I use and recommend.

Hard Coat Mod Podge:

Recollections Bubblegum

Recollections Embossing Gun

Oracal 651 Vinyl

Alumilite: Amazing Clear Cast Epoxy Resin

Stickermule Cup labels (If you use the link below you get $10 credit if you are new to sign up…if you purchase then it will give me a $10 credit as well.)

All of my supplies are linked in the description of this video:

HOGG Wholesale Purchasing:

The songs I used are:
Different by Micah Tyler
Hills and Valleys by Tauren Wells
Old Church Choir by Zach Williams
Bulletproof by Citizen Way
Even If by Mercy Me