Dollar Tree Luxurious DIY Vases| DIY Centerpiece Pt2

Dollar Tree Luxurious DIY Vases| DIY Centerpiece Pt2
This is the second video from our class tutorial from yesterday. You’ll be learning how to make table centerpieces using Dollar Tree mugs and Taper Stands into vases. In addition, to make a lovely centerpiece. We would love for you to be a part of our CB Designer Academy to learn quick and easy DIY’s. Just sign up here ➡ for free. Click the subscribe button and turn on all your notification and you won’t miss anything, not even a post. Let me know that you’re new so I can give you a shout-out😉
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Items Used and seen in Video Ivory Silk Flowers
Flowers Hobby Lobby, Michael’s, Dollar Tree or any craft store glasses Candle Stand (If from Dollar Tree) Glass Mug Candle Holder Floral Foam Acrylic clear tear drops Brooches/Bling Embellishments at Wholesale Price Large Glue Sticks Surebonder glue gun

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