Pearl Mistakes for Weddings

Wedding Jewelry: Common Pearl Mistakes – as part of the Wedding series by GeoBeats.

One of the most common is actually determining the jewelery before determining the dress. It is probably better to choose the jewelry according to the dress. There are many different styles of dresses and that would actually dictate the type of jewelry and the type of pearls, more specifically that you would want.

A lot of wedding dress styles are modern, in some cases you have ethnic gowns, or you have a more exotic look, or even a vintage look. So that is really going to depend on the type of jewelry that you wear. You also want to ask friends and family for their input on this because they can tell you as your own mirror what looks best.

The other kind of common issue that we see is an unsuitable neckline in a dress itself. For example halter top or backless dresses tend to have a higher neckline. So wearing a necklace with a high neckline dress probably is not going to work. The ideal thing would be to wear stud earrings and bracelets. That would best compliment a dress with a higher neckline.

Dresses with a square neckline, or even strapless dresses show a lot of the collar bone and the chest. So a Bridal Choker would be absolutely beautiful with a dress like that. And for a V neck dress or a plunging neckline, because you want to bring attention to your face in that circumstance, you would want to wear a Y drop necklace, or you would want to wear a longer strand in order to bring attention back up to your beautiful face on your wedding day.

The third common issue that we see is not styling the hair properly according to the jewelry. You want to make sure that your hairstyle matches not only the dress that you are wearing, which is extremely important, but also the jewelry that you are selecting. So, for example, if you are wearing your hair long and straight, you probably don’t want to wear small stud earrings because your hair will cover them and you won’t be able to see the beautiful jewelry.

The next common issue that we see is not matching the Bridesmaid’s jewelry with the Bride’s jewelry. Bridesmaid should never upstand the Bride on her special day. However you still want the jewelry to be somewhat identical. As I would suggest Akoya pearls for a Bride, you would want the Bridesmaid to also have Akoya pearls.

And finally choosing just any kind of jewelry on your wedding day is probably not acceptable. Everyone knows that Bridal jewelry can be a little bit pricey but at the same time it is your special day. So you want to make sure you are getting yourself something genuine and quality. You don’t want to be cheap on the Bridal jewelry. You want something that is lustrous and beautiful and extravagant and looks amazing.

And, as a final note, friends and family are always a good mirror. I know a lot of brides have a lot of pride and they don’t always want to ask from their friends and family for opinions. But it is definitely preferred that you consult with your friends and family because they can tell you what looks best.