Inexpensive Bridal Jewelry

Combo Tri Pearls Color Bronze Ivory Brown Necklace Set Custom Your Wedding Prom Jewelry ( ). Green Pearls Crystals Swarovski Jewlery Set Powder Green Pearls Turmarine Green Crystals ( ). Silver Grey Pearls & White Pearls Necklace Earrings w/ Bracelet Necklace Set ( ). White Pearls Siam Red Crystals Prom Wedding Jewelry Set Genuine Swarovski Siam Red Jewelry Set. Amethyst Swarovski Crystals With Ivory Pearls Jewelry Set Prom Classy Sleek Necklace Set & Double Stranded Bracelet Jewelry. Clear Crystals and White Pearls Necklace Set w/ Double Stranded Bracelet Bridemaides Bridal Wedding Handcrafted Complete Set. Bridemaides Blue Pearls Jewelry Set Genuine Swarovski Blue Pearls Handcrafted Complete Set