Ideas for Bridesmaid Jewelry – Women’s Style

Ideas for Bridesmaid Jewelry – as part of the Women’s Style series by GeoBeats.

My name is Katie Thompson and I am with KT Collection Jewelry in New York City. My biggest advised to brides when they are looking for gifts for their bridesmaids is to keep it simple. Often when you are buying for 5 to 8 people who all have different tastes, who all look good in different things. So you really want to get something that is going to appeal to lots of different tastes and is something they are going to want to wear everyday, in order to remember the amazing wedding. So, the suggestions that I have here are all pieces that can be adjusted. So that if your bridesmaids are different sizes they can wear them at different lengths. I like to stick with metals, solid metals and they are really classic pieces that no one can not like. I have all the sets out but sometimes it depends on the dress. If they are wearing a bridal dress which has a lot of detail going on, you might only want to do a bracelet and earrings. If it is a simple bridesmaids dress, then a necklace and a bracelet can be great. Earrings I have found are tough because some people do not have pierced ears. It is a harder decision to find what is the correct size for everybody.

So a lot of times people will op for a simple option like this, in which case you can have them all be the same style but it is ok for somebody to have a smaller size than somebody else so that each bridesmaid feels comfortable in what she is wearing. If you are getting a gift for your bridesmaids as well and you want to match a dress. You know costume earrings can be a great option as well. Something like this is going to be a little bit more cost effective and you can work in the color of your dress and then invest in a really nice piece. A necklace and bracelet, something that they will want to wear everyday. So, that is another suggestion.

A lot of times as well it can be fun to go along with the theme of your wedding. For example, if your wedding is in a beautiful garden you can get things that are flower themed or with leaves and that just can be another added special thing to remind them as well. Gemstones can be wonderful, something really simple like this to bring out the color of the dress. And also, when you are dealing with semi precious gemstones they also carry meaning with them. So, the main thing is just give them something that means something and try to really think about something that each bridesmaid is going to like.