Does wedding jewellery have to be expensive? NOT AT ALL!

During weddings, one of the biggest expenditure is on jewellery. After that one day, that goes straight into the locker of your mother or mother in law and then only comes out at other weddings right? Well not in my case. My mom takes you through how she actually got some very simple material and herself hand-made the jewellery for my Mehendi functions – it was just glass and artificial flowers, along with her hard-work. For the Sangeet functions I wore some lovely pieces that my nani gave me, but my mother got them styled with my outfit – just simple beads can transform an old piece into something modern
I wore my mothers set at my Chooda – the exact same set she wore at her wedding, with just the beads being new.

If you decide your outfits on time, you have enough time to think of creative ideas for jewellery and you do not have to invest in gold for each function. You can also use a lot of what your mom has, if you style it to be modern with some basic changes

In the second part of this video, we will speak to the founder of Kanchi Jewels, Shivani – this is where my mother got a lot of her jewellery for (yes, at my wedding, my mother got new jewellery, not me! And this is the first time of being married for 29 years that she got herself a set!

This video has also been shot at Kanchi Jewels and you can check out their fabulous collection or Silver here and gold here You can also follow them on Instagram

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