Bridal Jewelry Guide | Tips To Style Heritage Jewelry With Wedding Outfit

“From the wedding outfit to the hairdo, from the flower arrangement to the food buffet, from the venue decoration to the guest list, each and every minute element is paid heed to during the wedding! But amongst all the fuss, brides often go wrong when it comes to styling their heirloom jewellery. Heirloom jewellery is something antique which has been passed down from generations through family members and thus needs to be perfectly styled. Nikita Mehra, fashion and jewellery expert from Truly Bridal By Kalyan Jewellers, is here with some points that every bride-to-be needs to keep in mind before choosing her wedding jewellery, which in fact is a compliment to the outfit and completes the wedding day look. Watch the video and get to know the simplest tips to style up your precious jewels and gems as jewellery is something that can make or break your entire look on your special day.
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There’s no bigger day in your life than your WEDDING day! Apart from swearing an oath with your partner, you need to get a quintessential dress, flawless makeup, graceful jewellery and mesmerizing destination! Explore how you can make your wedding the most memorable one because for most of us, this day will live on forever.”