All you need to know about Bridal Jewellery | How to buy your wedding jewellery

Wedding Jewellery is one of the BIGGEST topics of discussion for any Indian bride. Well my case was slightly different. As you would have watched in the previous video, a lot of my jewellery was either made by my mother, or it was old pieces made new by adding new beads and re-setting it. My mother decided that she wanted to get herself new sets for my wedding as for many years of her life, she never got herself any gold jewellery. The process of buying gold involves a lot of research and trust. For us, we loved Kanchi, because they are the kindest and most patient jewelers you will meet. Their designs are amazing and they have something to fit your budget – from Gold to Kundan to Silver to Imitation – whatever you need as a bride, they have for you

We are in conversation with the owner, Shivani as she takes us through what kind of set works for which bride. She also takes us through some amazing options in silver and imitation jewellery

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This video has also been shot at Kanchi Jewels and you can check out their fabulous collection or Silver here and gold here You can also follow them on Instagram

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