2018 River Finds! – iPhones, Wedding Rings, Knives, Gold Jewelry, and Sunglasses! | Nugget Noggin

Here’s some of my river finds from the summer of 2018. These were found while metal detecting and scuba diving in the rivers.I used the Garrett AT Pro and AT Max metal detectors to find these lost treasures. Both detectors do very well underwater in lakes and rivers. In 2018 I found lots of sunglasses, around 20 rings, many of which were wedding rings, 15 phones, a video camera, a pile of cool pocket knives, a gold chain, and lots of other interesting items. I hope the rain will hold off for this summer, and I’ll be able to find more amazing treasures underwater. I plan to make a few scuba diving videos this summer. Thanks for watching and God bless!

Gear Used
AT Pro metal detector: http://bit.ly/ATPro_ProPointerAT
AT Max metal detector: http://bit.ly/ATMaxDetector

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About Nugget Noggin:
Hey! I’m Michael, I love to get outdoors and discover awesome things with my metal detector. I started treasure hunting when I was 12 years old and shortly after received my first metal detector. Since then, I’ve been hooked and just love going out to search for the unknown. You may see me in the woods crawling under an old house or diving down in the river to search for rings. Wherever the adventure brings us, I’ll try my best to keep you entertained.

[2018 River Finds! – iPhones, Wedding Rings, Knives, Jewelry, and Sunglasses! |Nugget Noggin

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