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A lookbook with seven wedding guest or special occasion outfit ideas, from a very feminine dress, a trendy one, a princess silhouette dress to a more classy option even with trousers. With the addition of a lot of style tips by an italian fashion stilist.
All in a spectacular setting of the Castel Savoia, the beautiful Savoy family summer castle with stunning views of the valley of Gressonay and the Monte Rosa. The royal atmosphere remains hanging in the castle itself and the whole of the valley air. The views are just breathtaking, really impressive! We hope you like it.
Enjoy and thanks so much for watching

What is your favorite outfit??

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Thebeaway is our project.
And our project is to create a community of people who want to share “thebeaway” in their lives and around them.
We are stylists, photographers, content creators, based in Italy, but most of all we are special people with normal lives ( probably like you) and we created, for fun, thebeaway because every day WITH LIFE AND FASHION WE PLAY.

We never do things the right way, but we don’t even do them the wrong way. It’s probably too much to pretend to do things in the beautiful way so we do it in thebeaway, our way.
And bea is a way of seeing the world and live. And we want to share it.

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Just another important thing to say, probably the most important. What we use is not a mask but is thebeaface and we use it because we want to be all at the same level, because We want all have only one face and because for the purposes of this project, it absolutely doesn’t matter who we are, the main focus is our ideas, our style and bea around their.

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