Wedding Party Gift Ideas | Bridesmaids, Groomsmen, Parents, Flower Girl, Ring Bearer, Bride, & Groom

Hey! Here is a rundown of all of the gifts we gave our bridal party, including our parents, flower girl, ring bearer, and each other. Hopefully this gives you some good ideas for your wedding! I’ve linked down below everything I could find. If there is anything not linked below, let me know and I will do some digging to try to find it. Let me know if you order any of these for your bridal party! Please give this a thumbs up if you found this helpful and subscribe to see more from me!

Where to get most of these gifts:
-Father of the Bride Tie Patch:
-Father of the Groom Tie Patch:
-Personalized Basketball:
-Hubby and Wifey Shirts (similar):
-Mother of the bride handkercheif:
-Flowergirl Necklace:
-Mother of the Bride Necklace:
-Mother of the Groom Necklace:
-Wine Tumblers:
-Pink Ties:
-Groomsmen Socks:
-Utility Knife (similar):
-Ring Bearer Book:
-Flower Girl Book:
-Navy Robes:
-Knot Bracelet:
-Guitar Pick Box:

Where else to find me:
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