Wedding Gift Ideas | – Wedding Gift Ideas – Cutlery and kitchen utensils are one of the most requested items on the bride and grooms wish list. Whether they are seasoned cooks or just need good sharp knives to have on hand, they will appreciate receiving a excellent, made in the USA, knife or utensil made by Rada Manufacturing.

Video Transcript:

Hi, Kristy with Rada Cutlery and I’d like to show you some of the best wedding gifts you can give to the newlyweds. No matter if they’re cooks or non-cooks, everybody appreciates a high quality, American made knife or utensil.

Some of our favorites are the gift set that’s called a Starter Gift Set. It has our best-selling knives. It’s a paring knife, a peeler, our second best-selling Rada Tomato Slicer, the Super Parer, a bread slicer, a Chef’s Knife, and a slicer to slice meats and roasts. This starter set was such a hit we came out with the Starter Set #2.
This Starter Set #2 has the cheese knife, a couple of paring knives, a utility knife, a smaller Chef’s knife, a butcher, and a serrated slicer.

Now, another alternative to giving cutlery would be utensils. We have an ice cream scoop, a pizza cutter, a pie server, and a spatula included in the Utensil Gift Set.

Now, everybody appreciates receiving a good, sharp steak knife. We offer our steak knives in a set of six, or four. These are the serrated steak knives, we do offer a set of six in a straight edge.

A little smaller set is our Cook’s Essential Gift Set. It includes our best-selling Paring Knife, our second best-selling Tomato Slicer, and the Utility Knife. And another suggestion is our Peel, Pare and Slice Gift Set. Similar to the Cook’s Essentials, but we’ve included a Vegetable Peeler.

These are just a few of the 20 gift sets that we offer. Any of them would make wonderful wedding gifts.

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