Wedding Gift Basket Idea or House Warming Gift Basket ~Crafty2thecore

Here is a fun idea I used as a BRIDAL SHOWER/WEDDING GIFT. I used the towels the bride registered for and included other bathroom goodies like soap, back scrubbers and luffa sponges. I used shimmer white, cream and shades of brown tissue paper on the outer edge of the basket to tie in the colors of the soaps I added. My favorite thing about this gift that I feel makes it unique, is that it’s in a square laundry basket that will also be useful because we all have laundry! You can shrink wrap it or add netting around it with a bow. It also makes a great HOUSE WARMING GIFT idea. Use the same concept for a gift with a decorative box, galvanized bucket, wicker or wire basket or even a cute kitchen strainer. Add a few different items to fit the occasion like kitchen towels, soaps, a candle and maybe some yummy quick bread or cookies with the recipe! Visit my blog