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Visit: http://www.thegiftinsider.com Lindsay Schey, The Gift Insider, gift expert, features Unique Wedding Gift Ideas and Handmade wedding gifts for those special people in your life. Unique wedding gifts featured:

IllustrativeMoments.com: Illustrative Moments takes a memory & turns it into a timeless piece of art, a very unique wedding gift idea. The artist Deborah Griffin worked in couture bridal with Vera Wang where she sketched for clients & major bridal publications, makes a beautiful sketch of the bride. Her illustrations are rendered in a high fashion style, it is truly a once of a lifetime gift. Sign in to http://www.thegiftinsider.com for special 15% off COUPON CODE. $175-$200

MyDayRegistry.com: This is one of the most special and unique wedding gift ideas and a beautiful way to cherish a special day. When you register your special day on MyDayRegistry.com you have exclusive ownership rights to your day. Owners receive their personalized “Date Deed” in a high quality float frame and a customizable (Pictures, Music & Video) online profile to ensure there is only one owner per day. The perfect gift for a wedding, anniversary or honoring someone’s memory. Frame & Shipping included.visit http://www.thegiftinsider.com for COUPON CODE below for 30% off! $49.95

YourNovel.com: The lucky couple can now star in their very own romance novel. Choose a category, love scene preference, fill out quick questionnaire & upload a photo for the cover. Great for the honeymoon. Sign in to http://www.theGiftInsider.com for 15% off COUPON CODE. $74.95 Paperback, $99.95 Hardback.

WisdomOfOthers.com: Wisdom of Others is a gift book company with a unique wedding gift idea. They make personalized books filled with the advice, wisdom & favorite quotes of family & friends. You can get your book set-up & invite contributors to answer quick questions in about 5 mins. A way to give the gift of experience & encouragement to someone you cherish. $9.95-$49.95. Beautiful wedding, graduation or baby gift.

Wine For a Wedding.com: For those very special newlyweds in your life, or for a unique wedding or anniversary gift idea. 3 engraved wooden boxes, with 3 bottles of wine & inside you see a message that is opened on that special anniversary. The boxes are an awesome personal addtion to your decor. You pick the box style & wine & engrave outside with year of anniversary & inside with a special sealed message. Starting at $95

Celadon Home.com: This is a unique wedding gift idea. It is a 12″x12″ very personalized handmade piece of art using your photo. You send in a photograph & the creative artist, cuts & folds the picture into hearts, mounts it under plexiglass & personalizes two of the hearts with any message you want. $49.99 Sign in to http://www.theGiftInsider.com to get special 10% off COUPON CODE.

WedIt: Since videographers are a fortune & people are uncomfortable talking with a stranger, the video doesn’t end up being worth it. Wedit’s innovative solution is to send the wedding couple 5HD cameras in the mail 3 days before the wedding weekend. The couple passes them out to the wedding guests througout the festivities to record & the couple returns cameras to Wedit to edit. Wedit then edits the footage into an awesome video. You can capture moments from the entire wedding weekend in a much more informal, unpredictable way. $399 Sign in http://www.thegiftinsider.com to get special $30% off Gift Insider COUPON CODE for one week only!

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