The Perfect Wedding Gift The perfect wedding gift is one that uniquely reflects the couple, is practical and permanent and expresses the love and friendship of the person giving it. John Borin uses a steel dial as a “canvas” on which to create these gifts where the possibilities are endless. Wedding Clocks by John Borin is a design studio in Dallas, Texas where custom wedding clocks are screen printed with designs that have been specifically created for each customer. Here, a steel dial is used as a canvas on which to create the perfect personalized wedding gift — a gift designed to uniquely tell a couple’s special story. It might tell about their wedding, their honeymoon, how they met, or about a special interest that brought them together. As a personalized wedding gift, each clock is unique and becomes a permanent record of the couple’s new beginning and a cherished reminder of that wonderful day. A wedding clock by John Borin, given as a custom anniversary gift, is a perfect way to acknowledge the success and share the joy of a couple whose love and commitment continues to grow. The modern first anniversary gift is a clock, signifying time and dedication to one another. May we create the perfect gift for your special occasion?