How to Make a Themed Wedding Gift Idea with Barware Gifts | Pottery Barn

Barware gifts like monogrammed bottle stoppers, decanters, glassware are a great wedding gift idea. To put together this wedding gift idea, you will need some supplies: a sheet of cellophane, the Saddle Leather Catch-All and the Library Decanter from Pottery Barn, the couple’s favorite liquor, double old-fashioned (DOF) glasses, a gift tag, a length of ribbon and a jigger to make the gift topper.
For the first step of this unique wedding gift idea, lay out the cellophane sheet and place the leather catch-all at the center. Arrange the barware gifts — the glasses, liquor and decanter inside of the catch-all in an aesthetically pleasing manner.
To complete the gift arrangement, gather the sides of the cellophane at the top. Secure the cellophane with a floral wire and using the ribbon, tie the jigger and gift tag around the cellophane to make a pretty bow.
Barware gifts like this themed gift basket are sure to be appreciated by the bride and groom.

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