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Whether you’re a bride, groom or guest, watch to get the 411 on wedding gift etiquette from TheKnot.com.

If you’re a newly engaged couple, registering early is key. This ensures that shower guests as well as wedding guests will have access to your registry. Creating a large registry list is beneficial for your guests so they’ll have many options to choose from. Aim to have at least twice as many items on your list as guests at your wedding and update them regularly as things get purchased. Word-of-mouth is the best way to spread information about your registry. You can also post it on a wedding website if you have one.

If you’re a guest, giving a cash gift is totally acceptable. Before the wedding, make checks payable to the bride or groom depending on whom you’re closer to. If it’s the wedding day or later, make the check payable to the couple and use their married names (unless the bride is keeping her own name). If you want to purchase a gift that isn’t on the couple’s registry, proceed with caution. Off-registry gifts are best given by close friends and relatives who know the couple well. In general, using the registry to purchase a gift is smart. By doing this, you’re buying the couple something that they need and want, so you know they’ll love it.

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