DIY tutorial: Wedding Glasses as a Surprise Gift | Best Unique Homemade Wedding Gift 2018

Nothing is better than a handcrafted wedding gift.
In this video, we have shown you step by step video tutorial of how to decorate wine glass to make it looks special just for the occasion to toasting glasses.
This video also for a wedding present for the bride or groom. A decorated champagne glass tutorial to celebrate your wedding anniversary.This wedding glasses DIY is a very unique gift for your bride and groom, couple, sister, son, guests, friends, parents.

Watch this Do It Yourself Wedding Glass video and make a similar one for your loved ones as gifts or you can improvise to make your own limited edition glass.

For this project you will need:
-two glasses of wine or Champaign
-hot glue gun
-broken pearls for glueing
-different types and shapes of flowers
-some branches
-different sizes and colours of satin ribbon for bow

I’m sure they’d appreciate it.

Best of luck

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