Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas For 5/15/15 – Tipsy Totes

Awesome Wedding Gift Ideas For 5/15/15 – Tipsy Totes

In this video, the owners of Tipsy Totes feature great wedding gift collection. The first items shown is the Bride and Groom tote. The Groom design is unique with a cute bow tie. It has a rigid style that is secure to hold 2 bottles of wine, champagne, or any drink you like. The Bride Wine Tote has beautiful satin feathers and cool chain handles. This can also hold two bottles of wine or any drink of your liking. Both totes are made to keep the bottles cool for hours while you enjoy your wedding.

Another item shown in the video is the Puppy Spike. It is their favorite. It is a nice tuxedo outfit with a satin pillow on top to turn your dog into the ring bearer. If your puppy is trained enough, you can have them walk down the aisle with you. The design is cute and can fit a full size dog. The pillow attached can come off so your furry friend can still wear the tux as they hang out at the ceremony. Do not worry! The pillows are secure enough to keep the precious rings safe.

Tipsy Tote also offers other ring bearer pillows in a variety of colors. You have the option to customize the design with a special message, dates, names, or anything else you may want to add. You can purchase these unique wedding gifts on their website. Feel free to give them a call as well and they can help you customize the gifts in a creative way!

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About Tipsy Totes: Tipsy Totes’ can provide custom embroidery to help your brand shine.
Tipsy Totes believes that transporting wine and spirits should be fun and reflect your personal style. We offer unique totes, carriers and koozies in designs you won’t find anywhere else. We can customize and add personalizations for an amazing gift or home décor for your home bar or business.

Tipsy Totes has designed a new twist on gift giving with its extensive line of handcrafted, luxury wine carriers and high-end wine bags. Made to be gifted and re-gifted or kept as unique pieces of art, the creative products made by Tipsy Totes allow individuals to customize each item purchased. With their innovative designs, the talented artists at TipsyTotes create custom pieces for everyone from the casual wine drinker to the wine enthusiast. In addition to bottle totes, this Mother/Daughter owned business also offers custom embroidery and rhinestone services to suit the needs of anyone looking for a little extra glamour.

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