Annelie’s Story | Wedding Fitness Transformation // Laila Alieh

How did this Belgian Bride who was already fit become wedding fit forever?

“When I asked for Laila’s help, I thought I was healthy and fit, but felt weak and unhappy.
The breaking point happened one day at the gym training, I was lying on the ground without strength to get up again, thinking about the empty fridge at home. After work I went straight to the gym, after training all healthy restaurants were closed. I would rather not eat than eat unhealthy food those days. Still I didn’t see much improvements, even gained fat percentage.
I heard and read so much about eating more protein, using protein powder, but couldn’t see the wood for the trees. So many recipes fighting to be the best choice. I had no clue how to start this change, how to find time for cooking. The weak hangry feeling impacted work, relationships, everything. I couldn’t focus because I was thinking about food. So I really needed help to change.
The beginning was such an eyeopener, it wasn’t hard to start a meal plan. The knowledge gave great strength. I knew I had a smoothie ready after working out. In the morning I did some shopping in the fridge for lunch and dinner. I was so excited, totally loved it! The biggest challenge was to eat more… vegetables and protein. 😀
Very soon, after a month or two, the changes became visible too. Such a nice feeling, looking at the pictures and seeing small significant changes. Suddenly some clothes became good-looking instead of average. But the most happiness comes from the stable fat percentage. I believe it is possible to stay like this forever. I can live comfortably like this.
The change wasn’t always easy. Some weeks I finished all the prepped food before the next cooking day. I love chocolate and ice cream and wanted to eat it everyday when work was stressful. That is where Laila’s help was crucial. She helped me with new ideas, quick fixes, motivation. She’s always so positive. When one day wasn’t perfect, she would point to the next day as a new start. But she’s didn’t go easy on me, kept reminding me of my own goals. I learned so much, much more than only advice about food, it was life advice.
You don’t always realize how important your health is in your life, but it’s the basis of everything. When you are strong, you can focus on work, take care of others, have fun in sport. When you are sick, you can’t do anything. Don’t wait until you get sick, start learning how to stay healthy now. Why do we spend so much time learning for our career, but don’t prepare for a healthy life. I feel blessed for Laila’s exceptional coaching and can’t believe how I survived before. I changed and it’s great. 😊”

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