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11 Perfect Wedding Dresses for a Second Trip Down the Aisle

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Choosing a wedding dress is tough for many second time brides. After all, there are traditions and etiquette expectations to navigate. Luckily, society and wedding expectations are moving away from the stiff etiquette rules that governed second weddings in the past.

Now, instead of intimate quiet ceremonies followed by luncheons, remarrying brides are enjoying full-scale weddings and receptions. In part, this is because of the growing percentage of 2nd time around couples who pay for the whole wedding out of their own pocket. Holding the purse strings means couples can call the shots without worrying about the dreaded “e” word – expectations.

Still, some brides may be uncomfortable breaking with tradition, and that is okay! We’ve created this article with all the traditions and expectations for second weddings in mind. When you select your wedding gown and accessories, we want you to be prepared for all things second wedding dress.

As a bonus, we’ve rounded up our top picks that are perfect for the occasion.

looking up at hanging dress


Second Wedding Wardrobe Etiquette

Let’s break down the traditional etiquette surrounding second weddings for the bridal wardrobe, particularly the one burning question that often comes up first.


Can I Still Wear White?

Although your great-grandmother may clutch her pearls at the idea of not wearing a white wedding dress, this is actually a fairly new tradition. In fact, wearing a white wedding dress originated with Queen Victoria. Before her royal wedding to Prince Albert in 1837, brides of the time just wore their best dress.

The trend-setting queen launched a new world for the white wedding gown. A white gown traditionally symbolizes innocence, virginity, and purity. Because of this, it became a faux pas for a bride to wear white on her second trip down the aisle, unless she had a very short first marriage or had eloped.

Like we said, times have changed. Brides are bucking the restrictions of old traditions to celebrate their fairytale weddings, snow-white gown and all!

If you’d prefer not to wear white, there are ways around it. Many brides elect to purchase a gown in a gentle shade of ivory, ecru or even blush.


Scrap the Full-Length Veil

One piece of wedding wardrobe etiquette that hasn’t budged much surrounds the veil. Like a white dress, the veil covering the face is representative of youth and innocence. This carries a special meaning when the groom lifts the veil from his bride’s face for the first time. Because the bride is not traditionally given away a second time, the veil is also not typically lifted again.

2nd marriage bride wearing birdcage veil

Brides seeking remarriage should instead experiment with face-framing veils, birdcage veils or even ornate hairpieces. A long veil cascading down the back and not covering the face is also acceptable for weddings that are very formal in style.


To Garter or Not to Garter?

Deciding to wear a traditional garter and participate in your garter toss is your decision. Let’s take a look at the meaning behind the garter toss to help you make your choice.

The garter toss dates way, way back to a time when guests believed the bridal garments would bring good luck. Back in the day, reception-goers would chase the bride around, tearing off pieces of her dress until she finally wised up and tossed her garters to the crowd instead. The tradition is for first-time brides, but luck is in the eye of the beholder!

The same goes for bouquet toss. The bride’s bouquet was considered good luck, and the woman who received it would be next to marry. Oftentimes the bouquet toss is painfully awkward for all the single women in the room, and your guests probably wouldn’t be sad to skip it. If you don’t want to do a bouquet toss at your second wedding, make a lovely speech instead and present it to someone special at the reception.


Second Marriage Gown Tips for Older Brides


When you are in your 20s or 30s a second marriage is easier to get away with doing it all over again – big dress and all. Almost as if the first time never happened. Take Megan Markle, can you name her first husband? Trevor Engelson who?  No images popped into our minds of  Megan walking down the aisle during her destination wedding in Jamaica on her FIRST big day.

But when it comes to older ladies, who may come with a little more noticeable baggage (i.e., children who are now all grown up), what exactly should an older bride wear? Well we think whatever she darn well pleases!

Choose something that flatters your figure and makes you feel good wearing. If that means a ball gown at 70, all the more power to you. Here are a few tips and suggestions for those round-two brides who want to feel beautiful, classy, and gorgeous on their big day.


Take Note of  Wedding Location

Having a casual backyard garden summer ceremony?  Think knee length, feminine and flowey.  Something like this Monique Lhuillier gown (pictured below) would be a flattering choice for an older bride.  It shows off your feminine curves, has creamy white embroidered mesh that still says bride, and you’ll stay cool and comfortable in the hot summer sun.  A very elegant piece for a summer wedding.

Monique Lhuillier midi dress for 2nd marriage wedding dress


Heading to the courthouse followed by a nice dinner out on the town? Not wanting to slip into a fancy frock?

Why not try a pant suit with some fantastic statement jewelry like this ensemble below.

White pant suit for bride on her second marriage

chunky bridal necklace for 2nd marrige bride


Style & Dare to be Different

Its your big day. Find a gown that isn’t your normal go-to silhouette. Surprise your partner in something that makes you feel glamorous and sexy, but is still classic and tasteful.

by Adrianna Papell

Adrianna Papell off the shoulder 2nd marriage bridal dress

by Lauren Ralph Lauren

Lauren Ralph Lauren 2nd marriage wedding gown


Textures, Patterns and Color

Light silver, light blue, champagne, blush, cream or ivory are all lovely colors for mature 2nd marriage bridal gowns.  Look for dresses with beautiful textures and patterns that will add an elegance to the dress.

by JS Collections

champagne colored 2nd marriage bridal gown

by Adrianna Papell

Adrianna Papell beaded 2nd marriage bridal gown

Where to Dress Shop

If you have already walk down the aisle once before and blow an absurd amount of money at the bridal shop, you will most likely be wiser this time around and use your extra moola for the honeymoon. Steer clear of bridal shops and look for formal/cocktail dresses at department stores such as:

Also, look online at bridesmaids dresses that come in champagne, ivory or blush. You can always glam your gown up with a sash or jewelry.



Second Wedding Etiquette Tips

There are a lot of traditions and etiquette tidbits revolving around second weddings that don’t have to do with wardrobe, either! While you’re dress-shopping, you may consider what your bridesmaids will wear. Here’s a heads-up on etiquette concerning the wedding party and the processional during the ceremony!

  • The bride and groom typically do not have a huge wedding party. Instead, one or two friends may “stand up” for the bride and groom during the ceremony.
  • There usually isn’t a processional of parents, grandparents, and wedding party members at a second wedding. Instead, the bride traditionally enters from the side.
  • As mentioned before, the father does not give away the bride again. Typically toasts like the father-daughter toast at the rehearsal dinner — if there is a rehearsal dinner at all — are also done away with.


5 (More) Second Wedding Dresses We Love

Now that you’re armed with all the details about second wedding dress traditions and expectations, you’re ready to make informed decisions about the style of your wedding dress. Here are some of our favorites from Davids Bridal that ensure you’re a tasteful vision on the big day!


1. Tulle Tank V-Neck Ball Gown

by Galina

GALINA tulle 2nd marriage bridal gown

This ivory and stone ball gown is a vision! Live your very own fairytale in a layered tulle skirt, appliques and illusion tank straps. The ivory shade is off-white, but still elegantly bridal.


2. Halter Sheath Wedding Dress

by White by Vera Wang

WHITE BY VERA WANG halter 2nd marriage gown

This sleek silhouette is perfect for the modern bride, in a warm shade of ivory. The halter neckline is clean and on-trend, and the appliques on the gown are symmetrical and create chic visual interest.


3. Signature Sheer Beaded Bodice Organza A-Line Wedding Dress

by Galina

Organza A-Line Wedding Dress for second marriage gown

This A-Line gown from Galina is a true show-stopper. With layers of gentle blush and ivory, the gown is perfect for a second wedding. It also features 5,000 hand-placed crystals beads and sequins. It is excellent for a bride with a daring, fashion-forward side, with a plunging neckline and delicate straps across the back.


4.  Ombre Tulle Wedding Dress

by White by Vera Wang

blue Ombre Tulle Wedding Dress for 2nd marriage wedding dress

This gown was inspired by the gentle colors inside the conch shell. The sweetheart neckline, fitted bodice, and a gentle ombre skirt are the perfect blend of traditional and modern. The wrapped detail on the bust melts into a frothy tulle ballroom skirt, perfect for a second bridal look.


5. Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dress with Open Back

by Melissa Sweet

Lace Wedding Dress with Open Back for sencond marriage dress

This gown by Melissa Sweet hugs the curves and ends in a delicate chapel train. An all-over lace applique makes the look timeless, while a striking backless detail offers just the right amount of daring. The soft white shade is a great selection for a second wedding.