Wedding Dresses Black- 75+ Images Ideas

25 Incredible Black Wedding Dresses

Wedding trends are always changing, especially in the fashion industry. And while white dresses have always been an iconic symbol of a wedding in many countries, brides that like to buck tradition have started considering dresses of all colors. Enter the black wedding gown. Here are 25 examples of our favorites from across the web.

1. A Dia De Los Muertos Wedding

Dia de los muertos wedding dress

This stunning black wedding gown was worn for a unique Dia De Los Muertos themed bridal shoot. Her colorful bouquet stood out beautifully against the dark dress, and the small train gave it a formal feel. See the rest of the beautiful shoot over here.

2. An Opulent Monochrome Wedding

Opulent monochrome black wedding inspiration

This elegant black dress is sleek and sophisticated on top, while a large section of ruffles adds some serious character to the bottom. The rest of the decor in this inspiration shoot is primarily lighter in color, allowing the stylish bride to stand out. Found at Southbound Bride.

3. Black Ball Gown

Elegant queen of the night black wedding dress

This stunning gown has a long sleeved lace bodice, with an incredible full skirt and a train in solid black. The silhouette makes it especially bridal, while the lace gives it that extra formal feel. Make your way over to Storyboard Wedding to see more inspiration.

4. Layered Black Wedding Dress

Dark halloween wedding dress

This bridal shoot was inspired by greek mythology, with a dark and glamorous vibe and a hint of Mediterranean style. Her dress has a beautifully ruched top, with a layered skirt that feels fresh but classic at the same time. Head over to Kristen Booth’s blog to see more.

5. Edgy Black Wedding Dress

Http://juicebeatsphotography com

This ethereal look has a mysterious vibe, with a large black lace-edged veil covering her face and much of the gown. A bold, colorful bouquet accentuates the darkness of her edgy outfit. Make your way over to Clever Wedding Ideas to see more ideas from this shoot.

6. Rock ‘n Roll Bride In Black

Rock and roll bride black gown

This stylish couple appreciates originality, so the bride decided to buck tradition and go for a ruffled black wedding gown. It is accented with bright white flowers for a hint of traditional wedding style. Head over to Rock ‘N Roll Bride to see more photos of this wedding.

7. Elegant Black Wedding Gown

Stylish dramatic black wedding dresses

This incredible dress is so stunning that it makes you forget that it’s not white! The one-shoulder ruffled neckline transitions into a ruched bodice which then gives way to an extravagant full skirt. Head over to Wedding O Mania to see this and many others.

8. Black Dress Vow Renewal

Vow renewal black wedding dress

This couple decided to renew their vows in Paris… the black gown helped her look fancy and special without looking super “bridal.” The black gloves and bird cage veil upped the glam factor, while the red lips gave it a Parisian vibe. See more photos here. 

9. Masquerade Wedding

Halloween masquerade wedding

This couple went all out for their Halloween wedding, with a masquerade ball theme and spooky decor. The bride was dressed in a beautiful black lace gown by Luly Yang. Make your way over to Green Wedding Shoes to see the rest of the unique affair.

10. Black Princess Gown

Full black wedding gown

This unbelievable gown looks like a princess’s dress all grown up, complete with a gigantic skirt filled with layers and layers of black tulle. White pearls and a white bouquet finish off this amazing look. Head over to Borrowed and Blue to check out the rest of the wedding.

11. Black and Red Wedding

Black tulle ball gown wedding dress

This bride wore a stunning black ball gown, and paired it with red roses to lend a classic vibe to an edgy look. Her dark hair and fair skin tone complement the black dress perfectly. Make your way over to Hi Miss Puff to check out this and many other black wedding dresses.

12. Black Lace Engagement Shoot

Glam black engagement shoot

While this is actually not a wedding dress per se, it could certainly be used as one. This is an engagement photo shoot, and the bride and groom-to-be are dressed in formal black tie attire. Head over to Glamour and Grace Blog to check out the rest of the images from this session.

13. Lace and Tulle Gown

Lace and tulle black wedding dress

This beautiful dress is fit for a fairy tale, with its incredible lace detailing along the bodice and the puffy tulle skirt.  The lace even has subtle sequins, giving the bride a bit of extra sparkle as she walks down the aisle. Found over at the Elegance In Darkness Tumbler.

14. Bold Black and Floral Wedding

Fun black dress with floral bridesmaids

This bold wedding took place in Croatia, and included a group of bridesmaids wearing colorful floral dresses… letting the bride stand out in a gorgeous black gown. Make your way over to Rock My Wedding to check out more images of her dress and to get all the details.

15. Luxe Lace Gown

Ruffled photo by http://www analisa joy com/ http://ruffledblog com/til death do us part styled wedding/

This bridal gown just screams wedding, even though it’s not white. The large lace appliques spread out along the length of the dress, giving it a bespoke feel and an elegant look. Head over to Ruffled Blog to see the rest of the black inspiration for this “Til Death Do Us Part” shoot.

16. Glamorous Black Tie Look

Glamorous black tie wedding look

This stunning black dress has a classic feel, with a plunging neckline which adds a modern touch. The large, flowing skirt gives it that formal feel important for a wedding gown. Pair it with a white bouquet to accent the dark outfit. Found over at Hi Miss Puff. 

17. Runway Bride

Large black lace ball gown in black

This incredible gown was designed by Sareh Nouri for the 2016 bridal line. The lace sleeves lend an old world charm to this look, while the deep V on the back keeps it feeling contemporary. Make your way over to the Huffington Post to see other unique designer bridal looks.

18. Sweetheart Neckline Dress

Strapless black wedding gown

This unique dress is sold on Etsy and handmade to your exact measurements. The top boasts a beautiful sweetheart neckline, while the bottom has layers and layers of airy black tulle fabric. Head on over to Wedding Dress Fantasy on Etsy to check it out.

19. Head-To-Toe Lace

Wedding dresses black modeca oriel

This designer look has a head-to-toe lace motif, with a feminine mermaid style shape. A lighter skirt shows through the black lace, giving the gown a more inviting vibe. Head on over to the Wedding Bells to see more unique designer bridal looks.

20. Conservative and Modern

Head to toe black wedding look

This gown feels both conservative and modern at the same time, with long sleeves and a very full skirt juxtaposed with the unique color. This one is verging on navy blue, giving it a bit more dimension than a super dark black hue. Found over at Fab Mood.

21. Modern Lace Overlay Dress

Modern black lace dress

This dress would be perfect for that edgy bride who is always on the hunt for the next big thing in the fashion world. This dress has a short lining underneath, which is covered by a beautiful black lace overlay. Head over to the Huffington Post to see additional non-traditional options.

22. Black and White Veil

White veil with black vera wang dress

This bride paired a black and white veil with her bold black wedding gown, lightening it up a bit. The guests also wore lighter colors, allowing her and her groom to be the center of attention in darker colors. Found over on Vera Wang’s website.

23. Ombré Black and White Gown

Voluminous black and white dress

This show stopper will be the most memorable of the whole wedding season, that’s for sure. The top is a sparkling cream color, which then fades down into a full black skirt filled with amazing layers of textured tulle. To see this and more inspiration, head over here.

24. Handmade Lace Neck Gown

Etsy lace empire waist wedding dress

This stunning gown is handmade by an Etsy designer, so it is custom made to fit your body. The top has a beautiful lace overlay which covers a strapless bodice with a slight sweetheart neckline, and a full skirt adds some serious drama. Check out the listing here.

25. Draped Shoulder Dress

Draped shoulder black wedding dress

And last but certainly not least, this super unusual black gown has a beautiful draped shoulder detail which gives it a memorable, easy-going feel. Paired with a black and white bouquet, it becomes the perfect look for the laid back bride. Find out more here.