The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever pt. 2

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The Ugliest Wedding Dresses Ever

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Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. She wants to walk down the aisle, and wow each and every one of her guest, as well as her groom. But sometimes, a bride can make a bad choice when it comes to picking out a wedding dress, and the results are anything but beautiful. These ugly gowns left us scratching our heads and wondering, “What was she thinking?” Hopefully, these brides won’t look back at their wedding pictures one day, and realize their gown of choice was nothing but a big mistake.

Ugly wedding dresses range from wacky silhouettes to unconventional fabrics and designs. Like this dress we found that is perfect for the bride who wants to go hunting after saying “I do.” But we can’t help but to cringe when looking at it. Even the delicate lace trim running down the bod-ice and across the hemline can’t save this gown from being one of the worst we have ever seen.

When it comes to ugly gowns, everyone has their own specific taste in fashion. Some women may turn their noses up at a gown that resembles a torture device, while other brides may go gaga over it. This gown in particular started off pretty decent at the neckline, but when you look further down towards the knees, you realize that if walking and dancing are on this bride’s agenda, she better think twice. The fabric of this dress bunches up around the knees, making it look super uncomfortable. We can’t imagine trying to do a first dance in this number, how about you?

Whether you go for a sleek and fitted silhouette or a big and puffy princess gown, just make sure your dress isn’t taking the attention away from your pretty little face. These bridal gowns obviously didn’t get the memo. The humongous poufs are so exaggerated and oversized, they look like they would definitely get in the way as a bride takes her walk down the aisle.

Although the focus is placed on the ugliest gowns, we couldn’t leave this one bride off of our list. She decided to leave her wedding dress at home, and instead, she showed up to her big day wearing nothing at all! Instead of clothing, the bride’s body was decorated in body paint to mimic the look of a lacy set of bra and panties. As for her husband, he joined in on the fun by going sans clothing, as well. But thankfully for the wedding guest, and for us, there was a swan ice sculpture covering him up down below.

These are definitely just a few of the ugliest wedding dresses we have ever seen, but we know there are even more pictures of awful dresses floating around the web that we have yet to discover. Which of these bridal gowns do you think are the worst?

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