Recreating the Isabella MacTavish Fraser Scottish Tartan Wedding Dress

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In Summer 2019, Abby as well as Lauren went to Scotland to lend our abilities on a project led by Rebecca Olds of Timesmith Dressmaking at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh. Recreating the Isabella MacTavish Fraser wedding celebration dress was no simple task (despite how simple the dress could appear …). 18th-century dressmaking is a fickle monster and also a challenge for also those of us who are rather acquainted with the mantua-making trades. This “basic tartan gown” demanded all of our skills, experience, and also patience to come back to life as an entertainment, and thankfully, we were able to record the process, from begin to complete.

This documentary on recreating the Isabella MacTavish Fraser wedding event dress, from its history, the background of tartan, replicating the fabric, as well as recreating the dress, is an outcome of many months of job, study, dreams, bloody fingers, as well as extraordinary interviews with specialists. We found out so much during this task, and we are delighted to finally share it with you.

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Timesmith Dressmaking:

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Irritable Thistle:

The Scottish Tartans Authority:

” O Whar gat ye that hauver-meal bannock?
O Silly blind body. O dinna ye see?
I gat it frae a young, quick sodger laddie,.
Between Saint Johnston as well as bonie Dundee.
O gin I saw the laddie that gae me’ t!
Aft has he doudl ‘d me up on his knee:.
May heav ‘n secure my bonie Scots laddie,.
And send him risk-free hame to his babie and also me!

My blessins upon they pleasant, early lippie!
My blessins upon they bonie e’ e brie!
Thy smiles are sae like my blyth Sodger laddie,.
Thou’s ay the dearer, as well as dearer to me!
Yet I’ll big a bow’ r on yon bonie financial institutions,.
Whare Tay rins wimplin by sae clear,.
And I’ll cleed thee in the tartan sae fine,.
And also mak thee a guy like thy dadie dear.”.

– Robbie Burns, 1787.

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