Affordable Wedding Dresses under $200 and DIY Shoulder Necklace | DIY BRIDE SERIES

You guys, I’m getting married!!! It feels so weird to say it but we’re just so excited for this new chapter in our lives, and for me, all the new projects I can get myself into over the next few months leading up to our big day. You simply do not have to spend a fortune on a dress to make you feel like a princess, there are plenty of more reasonable options that are really impressive quality. A wedding day is only just the first day of your lives together and you are not guaranteed happiness if you spend all your money. If you guys have any requests for videos be sure to let me know in the comments down below!

1. Elanora Dress (M) $98

2. Isdore White Dress (M) Now $48!!! (I purchased for $100)

3. Devine Destiny Dress (M) $96

4. Ocean of Elegance Dress (M) $182

5. Awaken My Love Dress (M) $86

Rhinestone chain Gold:

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