Wedding Dresses With Sleeves

A wedding dress with long sleeves

25 Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses You Will Fall in Love With

Long sleeve wedding dresses are always a good idea. Despite the prejudice that they are good for autumn and winter weddings, these dresses can be worn at any season. The most important is to choose the proper fabrics and silhouette.

There are so many cool designs of long-sleeved dresses from luxurious lace to simple short ones. But it’s better to see everything with your own eyes. That’s why, let’s have a look at 25 fantastic ideas of wedding dresses with long sleeves you will definitely like.


  • 1 Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses
  • 2 Long Sleeve Open Back Wedding Dresses
  • 3 Long Sleeve Bohemian Wedding Dresses
  • 4 Long Sleeve A Line Wedding Dresses
  • 5 Long Sleeve Sheath Wedding Dresses
  • 6 Mermaid Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
  • 7 Long Sleeve Vintage Wedding Dresses
  • 8 Long Sleeve High Neck Wedding Dresses
  • 9 Long Sleeve Beaded Wedding Dresses
  • 10 Simple Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses
  • 11 Long Sleeve Tea Length Wedding Dresses
  • 12 Short Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Long Sleeve Lace Wedding Dresses

1. Lace Off-the-Shoulder Ball Gown

Off-the-shoulder wedding dress with sleeves

Off-the-shoulder wedding dress with sleeves

This dress is among the most trendiest variants thanks to off-the-shoulder neckline. Long sleeve lace ball gown wedding dresses always look luxurious, but this one is also very stylish. The bodice and the part of the skirt are decorated with lace. Though it’s a ball gown, it doesn’t look pompously at all thanks to the beautiful lace.

2. Bateau Neck Wedding Dress

Bateau neck wedding gown

Bateau neck wedding gown

In truth, this gown is almost a traditional representative of lace wedding dresses long sleeve. It has an A-line silhouette, which is suitable for the majority of body types. It’s fully covered with lace and features a high neckline. The thin waistband helps to make an accent on a thin waist and adds a romantic spirit to the gown.

Long Sleeve Open Back Wedding Dresses

3. A-Line Open Back Dress

Open back wedding-dress with sleeves

Open back wedding-dress with sleeves

White long sleeve wedding dresses with open back is a great way to show off your beautiful back. The tulle skirt looks rather classy. But thanks to the open back and transparent parts on the breast line and sleeves, the gown looks very sexy. We consider this dress to be a great example of the wedding dresses with long sleeves, which are suitable for summer weddings.

4. Mermaid Open-Back Wedding Dress

A long sleeve open back wedding dress

A long sleeve open back wedding dress

Clearly, this gown is suitable for self-confident girls with beautiful body curves. The dress is fully made of lace and features the transparent parts on both legs and top. In such a dress, you will look sexy and elegant at the same time. The only minus of this wedding dress is that it looks great only at slim girls with body curves. Also, it’s not suitable for the brides with big breast.

5. Sexy Open Back Gown

An open back wedding gown with long sleeves

An open back wedding gown with long sleeves

One more sexy variant of long sleeve low back wedding dresses is the gown with a deep decollete and a high slit. Of course, the bride, who is going to wear such a gown, must have beautiful breast and slim legs. It’s a good variant for beach wedding ceremony as it’s light and convenient. Such a bodice is one of the hottest trends at the moment.

Long Sleeve Bohemian Wedding Dresses

6. V-Neck Bohemian Gown

A bohemian wedding dress

A bohemian wedding dress

It’s one of those wedding dresses long sleeve, which are ideal for petite brides. It features the sheath silhouette and the V-neck, which visually stretch the silhouette and help to make the bride look taller. The dress is covered with lace and is decorated with 3D applications on the top. This gown is also suitable for vintage wedding.

7. Nude Sheath Wedding Gown

A bohemian long sleeve wedding dress

A bohemian long sleeve wedding dress

The wedding dresses of the nude color are very popular. They look like transparent ones, but, in fact, everything is closed. The dress is covered with ivory lace and is decorated with a beaded waistband. What we like about this bohemian-styled gown is that it looks gorgeous and stylish, but is very simple in its form. It can be worn for traditional wedding reception as well as to rustic or beach weddings.

Long Sleeve A Line Wedding Dresses

8. Minimalistic A-line Wedding Gown

A minimalistic A-line wedding dress with sleeves

A minimalistic A-line wedding dress with sleeves

The fans of simple and elegant wedding dresses will like this minimalistic gown. It’s made of satin and the only decorations it has are the cuffs, waistband and a thin strip on the top. The zest of this wedding dress is in the detachable train, which is attached to the waistband. It’s suitable for slim and tall brides as well as petite ones.

9. A-Line Gown with Lace Top

Wedding Dress with Lace Sleeves

Wedding Dress with Lace Sleeves

The combination of a lace top and a chiffon skirt is very trendy now. The bodice, which is covered with draperies, features a deep decollete, which will highlight your beautiful breast. It’s one of the most stylish variants among the wedding dresses long sleeve lace.

Long Sleeve Sheath Wedding Dresses

10. Sexy Sheath Wedding Gown

A long sleeve sheath wedding dress

A long sleeve sheath wedding dress

If you seek for sexy long sleeve dresses for wedding in the sheath silhouette, pay attention to this variant. The top features the lace sleeves and lace elements on the waistline, which make the waist look slimmer. The deep decollete will help you to show the beautiful breast line. However, this dress is suitable for slim brides only.

11. Tender Sheath Wedding Dress with Lace

A long sleeve sheath wedding gown

A long sleeve sheath wedding gown

Obviously, this gown looks tender and modest. It’s rather simple, but has its zest. The V-neckline bodice, which is decorated with thin lace, is elegant and beautiful. The lace features a pattern, which reminds a spider’s web. So, it will be liked by the brides, who don’t like the floral patterns, which are more common for lace.

Mermaid Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

12. Nude Mermaid Wedding Dress

A lace mermaid wedding gown

A lace mermaid wedding gown

Long sleeve mermaid wedding dresses in nude colors look astonishing. The gown is covered with lace and decorated with applications. The bodice is transparent, but is thickly covered by the applications. The recommendation as to the use of this dress is the same as for the majority of mermaid-styled gowns. It suits brides with the hourglass body shape of medium or tall height.

13. Lace and Chiffon Mermaid Wedding Gown

A long sleeve mermaid wedding dress

Lace and chiffon wedding dress

In fact, this dress is a mix of mermaid and sheath silhouette. In order to look good in it, you must have a thin waist and be of the medium or tall height. This gown may be suitable for plus size brides, but only for those, who have an hourglass body type. The gown is covered with lace and is decorated by lace application on the bodice and sleeves.

Long Sleeve Vintage Wedding Dresses

14. Lace Ball Gown Dress in Vintage Style

A vintage bridal dress

A vintage bridal dress

Unfortunately, when you plan a retro wedding, it can be rather a challenge to find vintage long sleeve wedding dresses in the princess silhouette. This one is just a cute example. It’s rather simple, but looks luxurious because of the lace covering. The buttons on the top add a special charm to the gown. It’s recommended to choose some vintage accessories as well like a hat or jewelry.

15. Simple Vintage Wedding Dress

A vintage long sleeved wedding gown

A vintage long sleeved wedding gown

This gown has some elements of the bohemian style, but, at the same time, looks rather simple. It’s a great variant of a country wedding gown. The fit & flare gown is suitable for any type of figure. The dress is covered with beautiful lace and features a high neck and long flared sleeves.

Long Sleeve High Neck Wedding Dresses

16. Jacquard Wedding Gown with High Neck

A high neck wedding dress with long sleeves

A high neck wedding dress with long sleeves

Remarkably, long sleeve wedding dresses made of jacquard look minimalistic and luxurious simultaneously. Such gowns don’t need any additional decorations as they are absolutely self-sufficient. The only decoration this dress has is the thick waistband, consisting of several stripes.

17. Satin High-Neck Wedding Dress

A high neck wedding gown

A high neck wedding gown

The princess wedding dress, made of satin, is one of the classic variants of wedding gowns. However, the high neck and long sleeves, which are made of stretch-tulle, make the dress look more interesting. A special zest is added by a big bow, located in the draperied waistband. Tall girls, the brides with wide shoulders and the ones with rectangular body type will look amazing in it.

Long Sleeve Beaded Wedding Dresses

18. Mermaid Beaded Wedding Dress

A beaded mermaid wedding dress

A beaded mermaid wedding dress

Long sleeve white wedding dresses in mermaid silhouette look amazing with beaded elements. This gown looks luxurious and it is a great variant if you want to impress the guests by your look. From afar, it seems that the gown has short sleeves and a sweetheart neckline, but if to have a closer look, you will see a high neck and long sleeves.

19. The Sheer Beaded Wedding Gown

A long sleeve beaded wedding dress

A long sleeve beaded wedding dress

If you like beaded elements but don’t want the dress to be too heavy, choose the one with a beaded top and the flowing chiffon skirt. It looks both luxurious and light. The main plus of this dress is that it suits almost all body types as well as all types of wedding receptions, from traditional weddings to the ones in the family circle.

Simple Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

20. Simple Tea Length Wedding Gowns

A simple tea-length wedding dress

A simple tea-length wedding dress

The tea-length long sleeve simple wedding dresses in cream color are a great choice for small wedding ceremonies. The V-neckline and the minimalist style make the gown look very elegant and feminine. Moreover, this gown can be also used as an evening dress.

21. Simple Satin Gown

Long sleeve satin dress

Long sleeve satin dress

This A-line wedding dress is for the brides, who want to feel comfortable at their wedding day. It’s very light and simple. However, the decor with lace makes it look more festive. It’s a nice variant for country and vintage weddings. This model is also a good option for plus size long sleeve wedding dresses.

Long Sleeve Tea Length Wedding Dresses

22. Off-Shoulder Wedding Dress

An off-shoulder tea length wedding dress

An off-shoulder tea length wedding dress

The combination of tea length and open shoulders is very stylish. The tulle skirt and the bodice, covered with lace, look like parts of the traditional bridal gown. However, the length of the dress makes it an ideal choice for those, who want to deviate from traditions. Such a silhouette is also suitable for long sleeve dresses for wedding guest.

23. V-Neck Tea-Length Wedding Dress

V-neck tea length wedding dress

V-neck tea length wedding dress

This gown with V-neck is very feminine. The top is covered with lace and is adorned by a sash. The hem of the skirt is also decorated with thin lace. It’s a cool option for a retro wedding.

Short Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

24. Sheath Short Wedding Dress

A short lace wedding dress

A short lace wedding dress

Some brides give preference to short wedding dresses long sleeve, especially the ones, who don’t plan a big wedding. This sheath gown is rather conservative, but suits almost everyone. A bit of charm is added by a silk ribbon, which is used instead of the traditional waistband.

25. Transformer Wedding Dress

Transformer wedding dress

Transformer wedding dress

This dress seems to be a traditional bridal gown, but, actually, it’s a short wedding dress and a detachable long skirt. This variant is very convenient as you may have a long dress for the ceremony and get rid of the upper skirt to move and dance freely at the reception. It’s for sale here.

All in all, you see that long sleeve wedding dresses look astonishing. They are stylish and romantic and can be worn by a bride with any type of body. Also, long sleeve dresses for wedding guests are also a cute idea.


20 Beautiful Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

The timeless trend that works for every bride

20 Beautiful Long Sleeve Wedding Dresses

Through the decades there has been one style of wedding dress that has remained timeless – the long sleeve wedding dress. Adapted through each style era, long sleeve wedding dresses have been worn by style icons such as: Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Monroe, Elizabeth Taylor, Grace Kelly, Kate Middleton, Olivia Palermo and Poppy Delevingne. Depending on the dress’s silhouette – and your personal style, of course – wedding dresses with sleeves can range from chic and classic or whimsical and romantic, to fashion forward and contemporary or all out boho. And today, we’ve picked 20 of our favourite long sleeve wedding dresses to inspire your own!

Monique Lhuillier Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

1. With its high neck, long sleeves, and ornate embellishment, this Katya Katya gown is the stuff of dreams.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

2. Our real bride Audrey looked spectacular on her big day in a fitted and flared long-sleeve gown from Katya Katya with an open back.

Sequin Long Sleeve Wedding Dress


3. Silver, sequinned, backless, and high-low – there is not one thing about this long sleeve gown that doesn’t get us excited!

long sleeve wedding dresses

4. We don’t know what we love more, the plunging neckline, the long sleeves or that beautiful lace. A gorgeous dress by Wtoo by Watters for BHLDN.


5. We adored real bride Maria’s sparkling winter wedding style, her heavily beaded gown from Beau Bride was the perfect choice for a glamorous festive bash.

Long sleeve wedding dress, plus size wedding dress

6. The silhouette on this Karen Wilis Holmes Curve dress is stunning – a gorgeous option for a bride who wants a sophisticated, yet sexy long sleeve dress.


7. For a little drama and a lot of ruffles, our hearts skipped a beat with this gorgeous prairie-style gown by Katya Katya.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

8. It’s easy to see why we were entirely smitten with real bride Shelly and her embellished long-sleeve Needle and Thread wedding dress.


9. The flared sleeves, the deep V with the sheer edging, the chic wrap-style waist – we’re more than mildly obsessed with real bride Kim’s Reformation wedding dress.


10. There’s a lot of reason to fall for this Paolo Sebastian wedding dress (hello, celestial embroidery!) but those long sleeves are just one.

Galia Lahav long sleeve wedding dress

11. Oh the elegance! This long sleeve lace Galia Lahav gown is an instant classic.


12. One of our favourite real bride looks of last year, Lee-Ann looked beyond beautiful in her Halfpenny London Gown from The White Gallery.

Immaclé Novias long sleeve wedding dress

13. Looking for an entirely unique long sleeve wedding dress? We love the playful feel of this oversized point d’esprit dress by Immaclé.

Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

14. A sophisticated take on a long sleeve wedding dress, the square neckline on this Alexandra Grecco gown sets this one apart.


15. Irish bride Lindsay (aka House of Hannah) wore this beautiful sheer sleeve gown by Paolo Sebastian for her destination wedding – we are in love!

alternative long sleeve wedding dress

16. Rue De Seine are always winners for bold, long sleeve wedding dresses, but this nude, blackless pattered gown with statement while appliqué is just unabashedly cool.

Long sleeve wedding dress ireland

17. Cool real bride Susanna looked effortlessly stylish and so gorgeous in her long sleeve lace dress by Anna Georgina from Alice May Bridal.


18. This might be the perfect timeless silhouette – a long-sleeve lace stunner is by Sareh Nouri.


18. Induce gasps from your guests with this ultra glamorous long sleeve wedding dress by Berta.

Temperley London Long Sleeve Wedding Dress

20. Long sleeve wedding dresses are the perfect excuse to add a splash of colour to your big day look. Temperley London have lots of beautiful long sleeve gowns, but this one is a firm favourite!


Outdoor wedding poster

The Best Dresses for Wedding Guest at an Outdoor Wedding

Outdoor weddings are rather widespread in the spring-summer season. The most often chosen places for such weddings are gardens, countryside and beach. The main plus of such weddings for guests is that they don’t have such a strict dress code as traditional weddings and the wedding ceremonies in church.

If you are invited to an outdoor wedding, you don’t need any luxurious evening gowns. The dresses can be much simpler with no beading and crystals. Semi-formal, cocktail and party ones are often worn for such occasions. In some cases, even casual dresses are suitable.

So, let’s get down to it and discover what dresses for wedding guest are suitable for all the types of outdoor weddings.

Tips for Buying Outdoor Wedding Guest Dresses

Wedding guest outfit

Wedding guest outfit

In order to get a perfect dress for wedding guest for an outdoor wedding, you need to take into account a number of things. Our tips will help you to make the proper choice.

– Location. Discover where the wedding will take place before starting the search of dresses for wedding guest. If you are invited for a beach or country wedding, be ready that it can be windy and so, it’s not a good idea to wear a mini dress with a flowing skirt.

 Weather. The majority of outdoor weddings take place in spring or summer and so, it’s most probably that the weather will be warm or even hot. That’s why, you need to choose something light and convenient. However, as sometimes the weather can change unexpectedly, prepare a shawl or cardigan in order to put it on if the weather spoils.

– Style. As we have already mentioned, the semi-formal or cocktail dresses are usually worn for outdoor weddings. The silhouette of the dress as well as its neckline must be chosen, taking into account the peculiarities of your body. For instance, if you seek for maternity dresses for wedding guest, the empire waist gown in a maxi or midi length will be ideal. Or, if you need to close your arms, buy a long sleeve dress for wedding guest. Besides dresses, you can wear a suit or jumpsuit. Today, there are many cool variants for sale.

– Length. In fact, all the dress lengths are suitable for outdoor weddings. A maxi dress for wedding guest looks very good. However, the dress must be an inch or two above the floor. Otherwise, you have high chances to spoil its hem pretty fast. The midi wedding guest attires look very nice and help to make an accent on your beautiful legs. Mini dresses can be also worn, but don’t overdo. A too short dress will make you look too provocative. In addition, you can have a high-low dress. It looks very interesting thanks to the combination of two types of lengths.

– Colors and patterns. Wedding guest dresses for spring and summer can go in a number of colors: from champagne to navy blue. You are free to choose the color you like the most. However, a black dress for wedding guest as well as white one isn’t a very good idea unless you attend a thematic wedding in these colors. If you want to have something dark, have a look at navy or marsala gowns. And if you want to have something light, champagne, powder and light peach may be suitable. Moreover, short, midi and long dresses for wedding guest can feature various prints. The floral ones are trendy and look very feminine. Also, dots, animalistic and abstract prints are possible.

– Fabrics. Actually, the choice of the fabrics depends on the weather and season. While winter wedding guest dresses as well as fall wedding guest dresses usually have heavy and rather warm fabrics, the ones for spring and summer tend to be much lighter. For instance, chiffon and silk are suitable. If you know that the weather will be very hot, you may opt for some natural breathable fabrics like cotton or linen. Also, lace can be used. It can make even a casual dress look more festive.

– Shoes. High-heeled shoes aren’t the best option for a beach or any other type of outdoor wedding. The heels may sink in the sand or grass and that will turn the celebration into a real torture for you. A wedge heel will be much more convenient. Also, you can wear ballerina shoes or flats.

5 Ideas of Dresses for Wedding Guest, Which Will Be Suitable for Outdoor Weddings

Now, let’s consider 5 ideas of outdoor, country, garden and beach wedding guest dresses.

Reformation Rhodes Dress

Rhodes lilac dress by Reformation

Rhodes lilac dress by Reformation

A wrap dress by Reformation, called Rhodes, is made of lightweight georgette fabric, which will make you feel comfortable even in the hot weather. The midi length is rather universal and suits all the types of outdoor weddings.

The flaring silhouette of the dress suits the girls of almost all body types. The Rhodes gown features a deep V-neckline and a fully lined skirt. And the special charm is added by flutter sleeves.

The dress is available in XS, S, M and L sizes. It can be ordered in several colors: lilac (on the photo), champagne, blush, ivory, navy as well with a floral Josephine print.

H&M Long Mesh Dress

H & M long mesh dress

H & M long mesh dress

A pleated dress by H&M in a Greek style is very universal. It will suit a number of events. It’s rather simple in its form and doesn’t feature any embellishments. However, it can be decorated with a sash.

The dress features V-neckline as well as a low back. The deep plunging neckline of the dress will suit the girls with small and medium bust. The gown has a wrapover bodice, silicone trimmed shoulder straps and concealed zip at back with hook-and-eye fastener.

The gown is available in 0-14 sizes. The possible color variations are light blue (on the image), powder pink and dark grey.

David’s Bridal Faux-Wrap Chiffon Dress

Faux wrap chiffon dress by David's Bridal

Faux wrap chiffon dress by David’s Bridal

Reverie EJ8M8749 dress, which you can buy on David’s Bridal, is a very convenient variant for an outdoor wedding guest outfit. It’s made of chiffon and it means that it’s rather light and is great for a hot weather. Chiffon is one of the best solutions for wedding guest dresses for summer.

The faux-wrap gown with a V-neckline is of a high-low length, which makes it convenient for a beach ceremony. The sash is removable. This gown suits the girls of various body types.

The dress is available in sizes 0-26. The possible colors are cabernet (on the photo), Pink Lemonade and Navy.

Reiss Meghan Floral Lace Dress

Reiss short cocktail dress

Reiss short cocktail dress

Are you fond of lace? Meghan dress by Reiss is a good example of simplicity and festive mood. The sheath silhouette of the gown and its short length make it look rather casual, but the especial charm is added by the flowery lace, which covers the polyester lining.

The Meghan dress features a halter neck, which will be a great solution for a girl with wide shoulders. Also, this dress will look good not only on tall, but also on petite girls.

The dress is available in Silver Lake (on the photo) and white colors. The possible sizes are 0-10.

Needle & Thread Embroidered Dress

Emroidered midi dress by Needle & Thread

Emroidered midi dress by Needle & Thread

If you want to have a romantic look, pay attention to this pink midi gown with blooming blossoms. It’s suitable for all the types of outdoor weddings, including garden, country and beach ceremonies. Also, it can be worn for a number of other occasions.

The dress features a V-neck and frilled bodice with adjustable straps as well as a concealed back zip closure. The skirt consists of several tiers, and it is good for the girls, who need to add some volume to the hips. The dress is made of nylon with a polyester lining

The dress is available in 0-8 sizes and only in pink color, like on the image above.

So, you see that there is nothing difficult in choosing dresses for wedding guest if you have got an invitation for an outdoor wedding. In fact, the dress code for such celebrations is much more loyal than for traditional weddings and you don’t need to wear luxurious evening dresses (and it’s a great way to save some money). The cocktail and casual gowns are absolutely appropriate.