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10 Details Every Bride Forgets

Think you’ve got it all covered? Think again. We’re betting there are at least a couple items on this list you missed.

1) Telling family about reserved seating

It won’t matter how cute your “Reserved” sign is
if your family doesn’t know the seats are meant for them.
Make sure everyone is clear at the rehearsal where they’re allowed to sit.

Photo: Gabriel Ryan Photography

2) Packing your cell phone charger

You’ll probably get a bunch of calls on your wedding
day from frazzled guests and anxious family members who
need fast answers. Make sure your phone is fully charged
— and then put someone else in charge of answering it.

Photo: Treny Bailey Photography

3) Packing a wedding night bag

Put together an overnight bag packed with toiletries,
sexy lingerie, and anything you need for the next morning.
Then ask a bridesmaid to drop it for you at your wedding night room.


4) Getting international travel documents

As soon as you book your flights, check with your airline to make
sure you have all the documentation you need. Keep in mind that you need a passport even to travel to Canada, and it can take up to six weeks to get one, so start early!


5) Assigning someone to collect your gifts

There are enough horror stories of couples who forget to bring their
gifts home — and never see them again. Make sure you’re not one of them by appointing a relative or friend to gather the goods and
keep them until you get back from your honeymoon.

Photo: Matthew Morgan

6) Having someone pick up your dress

Whether you change into a cute “going away” outfit
after the reception or don’t want to take off your dress
until you get to the hotel room, make sure someone is available
after the wedding to pick up your dress and hang on to it for you.

Photo: Mel Barlow

7) Making a “Just Married” sign

A “Just Married” sign for the car is a classic tradition,
and it makes for a fun photo op. Make your own, enlist a crafty friend, or look online at sites like Etsy to buy one premade.

Photo: Jessamyn Harris

8) Giving gifts to your bridal party

Show them how much you appreciate all of their help
over the last few months with a personal gift for each attendant.

Photo: Paul Johnson Photography / The Knot

9) Making sure to have “something old, something new, something borrowed, something blue” If you have specific items in mind (such as your best friend’s veil for something borrowed or jewelry from your grandmother for your something old), be sure to arrange for them in advance.

Photo: Aaron Shintaku

10) Creating an itinerary

Just because you know the schedule for the day forward and backward doesn’t mean everyone does. Make sure your relatives know where they need to be and when (for example, not to leave the church if you’re taking family photos after the ceremony), to save time and reduce confusion.

Photo: Jami Saunders Photography

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