Wedding Cakes Pictures & Real Elegant Wedding Cakes Photos Gallery part 1

Looking for the perfect dream elegant wedding cake pictures and wedding cake photos gallery? Highly recommend – watch start to finish for dream cake ideas.

This picture gallery of real cakes photographed at weddings, reflect styles and attention to detail making each cake unique.

It’s the little things in life that make a big difference. Choose the color the sugar flowers or real flowers, whether to match the wedding dress or bridal bouquet, types of flowers from roses, peonies, calla lilies, gerberra, flowers, leaves, etc, the possibilities I have photographed have been are almost endless. Some couples have oped for elegant cakes and decorations, two tier or 3 tier cakes to simple cupcakes, the finest ingredients like real butter, fondant, real vanilla, and much, much love.

Maybe you have specific requirements? A gluten free, a vegan wedding cake, a special style in an image form or a sculpture? The imagination these day knows no limits.

Consult a few suppliers who will advise you when designing your personal beautiful cake to that unique dream cake.

You may be starting off as a wedding cake making business from home and looking for designs, tutorial, pictures inspiration, photo ideas on what decorations, square or round design works best or just what established cake makers are using.

As I said I have had the honour of photographing many weddings so have seen able to create this slideshow of real wedding cake pictures from simple designs to elegant wedding cakes with fantastic decorations as seen in this photos gallery.

At some wedding receptions I have had the pleasure of sampling and tasting the wedding cakes, some have out of this world!

Photography by Bipin Dattani. Call 07930 324833 for wedding photographer costs or visit


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