Wedding cakes: how to correctly stack tier cakes and how to decorate with natural flowers?

Hello everyone,

this week’s video is packed with vital information to all those, who want to make tier cakes, especially wedding cakes. With my method of stacking cakes, you will be 100% safe to cut, transport or keep the cake really very straight the entire party.

I am also giving you 2 options for decorating this cake with frosting and I you should do, if you want to use and apply natural flowers.

Moreover, I am still giving you a recipe for a delicious Lemon-Mascarpone frosting, to which you will need:

250 g Mascarpone
125 g Quark or curd cheese
50 gr sugar
lemon extract

I’ve done 6 portions of this frosting to reach all my 3 cakes, which were 25cm (10″), 20cm (8″) and 15cm (6″) diameter.

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I see you next week!

Your, Leonor ❤️

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