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Old school wedding ‘cakes’ were made of lamb testicles and oysters.
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Wedding cakes used to have some pretty weird things inside them. Modern wedding cakes have origins dating back thousands of years. According to Smithsonian Magazine, they are derived from a Roman tradition, where a wheat cake would basically be smashed over the bride’s head for good luck.

This tradition was brought to Britain — they took it one step further by throwing bread at the bride. But this eventually evolved into stacking buns in a pile that the bride and groom would kiss over.

“Bride Pye” was the first wedding pastry to show up in cookbooks. The traditional “pye” was filled with lamb testicles, oysters, sweet breads and spices. Even if you weren’t a big fan of lamb testicles, it was considered bad luck if you didn’t take a piece.

Fortunately, this paved the way for “Bride Cake.” The 1500s brought the golden age of sugar — which meant some seriously sweet cakes. They also started to be iced with white icing, as a symbol of purity. In the late 1700s, tiered cakes became trendy because of Queen Victoria.

Today’s wedding cakes can be whatever the happy couple wants them to be — some even deviate and opt for pies, donuts and cupcakes.  

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