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Wedding cake marble and magic, a wedding cake design with beautiful stone in mind. Marbleized gold leaf fondant with brilliant white fresh flowers in between and topping a multi layer three tier cake. Come along with us to stack, decorate and admire the wedding cake art at the Henry Clay in Louisville, Kentucky.

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RW Smith

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The Henry Clay, Louisville, KY
Wiltshire Pantry
Martine’s Pastries

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In this video, we travel with Madeline and John’s wedding cake from our shop in Lexington to Louisville, Kentucky. Along the way we start walking through the beautiful Henry Clay delighting in the fabulous wedding decor by the ever talented Lauren Chitwood Events. We load up and take a nice evening drive to watch and learn how Martine stacks, arranges the flowers and decorates the cake. And end with lovely still and moving shots of the finished wedding cake art. We wish Madeline and John a lifetime of happiness!

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