The Most Expensive Wedding Cakes In History

The Most Expensive Wedding Cakes In History

Swarovski Crystal Cake:
If you want to make a cake more presentable, then you should add Swarovski crystals to it. These crystals can make a product wonderful. Ron Ben Israel the most famous designer of the cakes. But the special dessert that he made was for sex city New York. More than 4000 Swarovski crystals was given to him. Ron Ben and his team decorated the product with these crystals.

Royal Style cake:
The cake made at the wedding ceremony of Prince Charles and Lady Diana. The cake of grand royal wedding. The wedding that was held in St. Paul Cathedral London in England. In 1981 the year of wedding in which it was made. It was designed by David Avery of the Royal Naval Cookery School. The height of the product was five feet.

Twelve Tiered cake:
The amount is an approximation. It was such an expensive product also made on a wedding. The wedding was Liza Minnelli and David Gest. An amazing wedding ceremony that ever took place. In this wedding, Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson were also present. In my perception, this wedding should have the position one.

Royal Wedding Cake:
Yes, another royal wedding. This wedding was the son of Princess Diana. The amazing royal wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. The event was watched by the entire world. The designer was Fiona Caims. It was gradually transported from bakery to royal place. It was eight tiered cake. It was artistically manufactured.

Luster Dust Cake:
Yes, a huge amount needed to buy this sweet. It was made for Dallas Bridal Fair. This was first time when a cake was displayed. It was made up of ivory fondant. There were curvy lines of silver dust on it. The total number of diamonds that were used was 12,00. Total 320 people enjoyed this dessert. Guess what is the price of one slice of the sweet? It was 3125 dollars.

Luxury Bridal show cake:
The cake was placed on the bridal show in California. This place is for placing the most expensive cakes. It was made in 2006. Theses gold flakes added glimmer to the product. But why this product was million dollar? It was because of precious diamonds that were placed top to bottom on the sweet. These diamonds were supplied by Jewelers of Beverly. In a first look, you would find this sweet amazing.

National Day Wedding Show cake:
It was created in England in a bakery named Chester. It is world’s most expensive cake. It was made for the wedding. It was displayed in National Gay Show. The ceremony was held in Liverpool in March 2013. The consisted of eight tires.


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