The Best Way To Make Wedding Cake Tasters | Georgia’s Cakes

“How do you make tasters for a wedding client if you don’t have a shop?”

I find making small cupcake versions the best way to let your clients try your cake flavours. Rather than making a whole big cake and cut out a slice, this method reduces waste and is quick and easy to make too! Even though the ratio of cake to buttercream is slightly different than a layered cake, my clients still enjoy these tasters so I hope yours do too!

Flavour the cakes however you wish and you can even get creative with your decorating skills

Enjoy 🙂 x

Basic Sponge:
62g melted butter
62g caster sugar
50g (1) egg
62g self-raising flour*
Pinch Vanilla powder

*(For chocolate cake, use 50g self-raising flour with 12g cocoa powder)

Swiss meringue buttercream:
100g egg white
200g caster sugar
200g butter
Flavours e.g. salted caramel, chocolate, white chocolate etc.