Summer Wedding Cakes – Buttercream Techniques For Cakes

Summer wedding cakes design Buttercream techniques for cakes collaborative with Wedding Cakes For You and The Lovely Baker. This is the best wedding cake decoration that I could create to match a pretty decorated plate with a garden design. You’ll see various buttercream techniques on cake like panting with buttercream and piping. Below I listed all of the decorating tools that were used in this video.

Link to Charity’s summer wedding cakes Video

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Recap of the summer wedding cakes designs collaborative

0:29 Layering the cakes sizes are 8, 6, 4 The filling is a Raspberry and Italian meringue buttercream.The best wedding cake recipes from scratch cake are in my book Wedding Cakes with Lorelie Step-by Step

2:12 Crumb coating also known as dirty icing a cake. Working from the top down. and stacking the tiers.

2:49 A little about the design inspiration

3:14 Frosting and decorating the cakes with IMBC buttercream
Green Wilton tip 1 round
Red Wilton tip 101
Pink Wilton 59
Yellow Wilton 15
Paintbrush using either end

5:09 The cake decorating with music

Lorelie Carvey
Baking and Cake Decorating Consultant

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RECIPES and TECHNIQUES used in this video
My Best Buttercream at the website
Crumb coating
Fill and crumb coating a wedding cake
Dowel a wedding cake
Boxing and Delivering a wedding cake tips
How to make parchment decorating cones

Summer Wedding Cakes – Buttercream Techniques For Cakes Lorelie of “Wedding Cakes For You”