How to Make a Semi Naked Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers A Collaborative with Auntie’s Cakery

In this video, Wedding Cake with fresh flowers, you will see how to fill, frost and decorate a semi-naked wedding cake. This is in collaboration with Tracie of Auntie’s Cakery. Make sure to visit her and watch her video on how to make a Red Velvet semi-naked cake.

The cake starts out with a luscious orange butter cake recipe. The filling is white chocolate Italian meringue buttercream and fresh Raspberries. You can also use frozen Raspberries if they are not in season. Enjoy 🙂

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Recap of the how to make a semi-naked wedding cake video

0:41 Ingredients needed for this cake. Italian meringue buttercream

0:59 Layering the cakes. Link to the sugar syrup

2:27 Beginning to frost the wedding cakes and scraping down the sides with a bench scraper

7:12 Marking for the tiers, inserting and cutting the dowels

4:17 The cake is boxed and delivered

4:25 Fresh flower tutorial tips and advice

Lorelie Carvey
Baking and Cake Decorating Consultant

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RECIPES and TECHNIQUES used in this video
Italian meringue buttercream
Simple Syrup

Title: How to make a semi-naked wedding cake with fresh flowers