How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost?

How Much Do Wedding Cakes Cost? – as part of the wedding series by GeoBeats.

Hi, I’m Angie Jiles of Blue Note Bakery in Austin, Texas. Wedding Cakes are priced in all kinds of different ways. There are some people who charge by the tier, and then there are some people, like us, who charge by the serving. So It just depends on how many servings you want. The prices can range from really low like 2 dollars a serving for some places, upto 15 depending on you know how much detail you go into.

For us, I generally say you’re in that budget between 4 and 10 dollars a serving range just so that you have some room to be creative with your flavors or with your design and you’re not stuck into a small just little box of only doing white cake white icing if that’s not what you want. But there are so many options, you can go really really basic and keep the price down, or go really really elaborate. It really all just depends on what you want, what’s important to you in your wedding. If the cake is one of the more important things, flavor wise, design wise, maybe budget a little more for the cake. If its the least important, budget it lower. Do what is important to you with your wedding.