Hilarious Divorce Party Cakes Hilarious Divorce Cakes Better Than Wedding Cakes

Hilarious Divorce Party Cakes | Hilarious Divorce Cakes Better Than Wedding Cakes
If spring is the Season of Love, then Fall is apparently the time of divorce:
With my own separation process recently starting, and a good friend filing as well, the jokes of having a divorce party have been getting thrown around a lot. Have you ever Google’s this stuff? My favorite part, by far, is the idea of a divorce cake. Some are mean, some are morbid. But most of them? Are just freak in’ hilarious!
Your love is totally dead, possibly it’s time you hold a funeral for it. If you’re marveling where to get a perfect mini-cemetery like this one, well, you’d well head over to what do you think about having a divorce celebration? If you were facing a split, would you consider having one yourself?
Here are some of my favorites that I have found on the internet

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