Cakes Of Sylvia Weinstock

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Grandmothers famously love baking cakes for kids. But pensioner Sylvia Weinstock, 82, is in demand by the world’s biggest rich-kids for her fancy baking. When VIPs and famous showbiz personalities want to scoff cake – there’s only one lady they turn to. And whatever their demands – whether it’s recreating a golf bag or whipping up a croquembouche – to loveable Sylvia it’s a piece of cake. Sylvia makes incredible creations of icing a sponge that can fetch over a staggering £45,000. They are so detailed – with replicas of real objects being ultra-realistic – she is hired for only the biggest knees-ups. Pop stars P Diddy, Jennifer Lopez and Cindy Lauper have also called on Sylvia to help wow guests at their birthday bashes. Working from her Manhattan, New York base, skilled Sylvia has been making cakes for over 30 years. With her deft handiwork she can recreate a realistic Champagne bottle on a bucket of Ice, or even a lifelike deer out of her ingredients. She even once recreated HRH Queen Elizabeth II with marzipan and fondant. Serving the stars who are tying the knot, Sylvia can also make gigantic multi-layered pieces that tower above the guests at high-profile bashes.