Buttercream Wedding Cake with Fresh Flowers / How to Set Up a Wedding Cake

Beautiful buttercream wedding cake with fresh flowers being delivered to North Barn at South Farms in Morris Connecticut. Watch and see how to set up a wedding cake.. Delivering a wedding cake in pieces makes it less stressful to drive to your destination. You can then set up the tiers at the venue, add the fresh flowers and create a gorgeous cake table.setting. This was a Caramel drizzle cake with my popular Orange butter cake recipe with white chocolate and raspberries in the layers.

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Recap of Buttercream wedding cake with fresh flowers

0:41 Tools needed for delivering and setting up a wedding cake.

Buttercream , cake box, sand paper and a dowel sharpened, Cutting tool, Metal and rubber spatula. Knife, pastry bag and a tip for borders, parchment paper pre cut, scissors, business cards , tape and a cloth or paper towel.

2:04 Putting the tiers together

2:34 Cutting the dowel and pushing it into the cake.

2:47 Piping the buttercream borders with a round tip.

3:04 Cutting the flower heads in prep for placing them onto the wedding cake

3:49 A little bit about fresh flowers

4:21 Softening the cake with Hydrangea florets

4:58 Cheers to the bride and groom

5:11 The band plays Thats Life!!!

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