!!!!★[ Of The Funniest Wedding Cakes You Are Likely To See ]

– Two of a kind

Well not so much of “two of a kind” as more along the lines of “two that nobody else would have”. If these models are at all based on reality then heaven the interspecies offspring. Maybe they bonded over the fact that society doesn’t understand them because they are different. She is clearly the dominant one.

– More gamers

The only difference with these two is that it appears only one of them is a gaming fan whilst the other competes for attention with the Xbox. It still remains some way in the future before a virtual woman could satisfy a man so I think she is safe for now.
– Gamer’s future

These two appear to be sharing common ground in a love of gaming however, there appears to be a point of disagreement involved; one is clearly a fan of Xbox whilst the other prefers PlayStation. But if either is upset, the other will be there to “console” them.

– What an equation

This is the maths geek’s version of “you plus me equals love”. With such thought and planning going in to the cake on this couple’s big day, the equation is bound to be forever love squared.

– Mr and Mrs Pacman

What a fantastic idea for a cake; until you come back after five minutes and realise that it has been totally consumed by ghosts. Yes, “ghosts” are responsible for many a disappearance, even on a couple’s wedding day.

– Sushi for everyone

I would like to attend this wedding over all of the others we have seen so far. You can never have enough sushi in your life. This couple are aware of that and decided that their big day would include a mountain of it.

– Pizza pie

Here we have more fast-food lovers bonding over a shared enthusiasm. We often confuse the terms “pizza” and “pie”, dependant on culture, and so it should be no surprise that these two confused pizza with cake for their big day.

– Gamers’ big day

It appears that these two share a special bond; they both seem to be fond of gaming. Judging by the smiles on their faces, it is either that or they both enjoy stabbing purple things with a big old knife.

– McCake

You will never guess where this guys met. It appears that food is a big part of their relationship and they could be quite particular about what sort of food is needed to celebrate their big day. Regardless of whether this is a burger or cake, the calorie intake is similar.

– You can’t eat that

From the wrong angle, this cake could look like someone, or rather something, took a massive dump on the table where the wedding cake should be. AS it turns out, they are just huge Star Wars fans.