Velcans: 2 Tips Make Ourselves Unique Silver Wedding & Prom Wedges Shoes

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Velcans: Only 2 Tips we can design ourselves unique wedding or prom wedge shoes, It’s about 2000 pcs sivler rhinestones design and paste on the wedge shoes, When you can design or have the silver rhinestone wedding or prom shoes, we believe that your girl friends or fiancee will very happiness and loving when receive it.
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it’s about 2 steps:
Step 1: Design and Paste Shoes Side.
Step 2: Design and Paste Shoes Upper.

Velcnas Luxury Design
Our designer need about 1-2 months for designing our a shoe, our designer used the crystal rhinestone, pearls, lace flower and other luxury material that studded on the shoes upper. Our designer need layout the rhinestone and pearls of material that show very gorgeous and sparkle for velcans shoes. Our designer said: “Every Ladies is Unique and Sparkle in all audiences”.

Velcans Key Features
High Heels: We have various of high heels, middle high heels, low high heels, wedge, flat about 5.5 inches, 4.5 inches, 2.5 inches, 1.2 inches and flat. If this products not have the high heels, you can search our brand of Velcans, you can look all high heels in the listings.
Platform: Usually include 2 inches, 1.2 inches and flat platform for our listings.
Crystal Rhinestone or Pearls: Handmade 1000-3000 rhinestones or pearls studded on Velcans shoes.

Velcans Products Suit Occasions
Prom and Graduation Occasions, Bridal and Bridesmaid for Wedding Occasions, Evening and Party Occasions, Homecoming Days and other Special Occasions.

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