My Shoes of Prey Wedding Shoes

I placed an order for my wedding shoes with Shoes as Prey because i have wide feet and i find it very hard to find shoes that fit especially high heels. Because it’s for my wedding i though i would treat myself but i’m so in love with the concept i will be going back again to buy a strappy pair for my honeymoon and summer.

My first order was a size 40.5 and a 4 inch heel. The size was too big due to them making the shoe wider. I couldn’t walk in them so i sent them back and had them re-make them for me.
The second pair came in a 39 and i asked for a 3.5 inch heel as i though it would be more comfortable.

All i had to pay for was for the first pair of shoes to be sent back but Shoes of Prey will reimburse you for this cost.