Whispered Made in USA Clothing Haul πŸŽ† ASMR

Happy fourth of July! Hope everyone has a fun and safe day today. I wanted to do this video to promote buying more local US made clothing products. I understand it’s really hard to find companies who offer it and it’s not costing you an arm and a leg. GoJane does though! If you search “made in USA” at GoJane’s website, you will turn up many many selections.
I’m not being sponsored by GoJane but I really have had a good experience with them.

Green holes crop top ~ https://www.gojane.com/124555.html
Dark red sweater dress ~ Sold out
Mint swimsuit ~ https://www.gojane.com/133034.html
Floral romper ~ Sold out
Bright red dolman dress ~ https://www.gojane.com/131315.html
Ty dye red white blue dress ~ https://www.gojane.com/125402.html
Black dress ~ https://www.gojane.com/123868.html
Pink and blue ty dye dress ~ https://www.gojane.com/132325.html

Make sure to check Honey or RetailMeNot for good promo codes or coupons. I think I saved $55 off my order with a coupon!


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